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Is an explorer of both the outer and the inner worlds.

She is an anthropologist and psychologist, explorer and world traveller, a lover of mountains and deserts and the people who inhabit them. She’s a trader, a designer, architect, writer, and therapist. And a mystic with an irreverent sense of humour.

The world traveller

In the early ‘70’s she took a three-month expedition of 11,000 miles overland through Asia, and five years later another through China to be among the first ‘round-eyes’ into the Gobi Desert, and once walked over 300 miles through the Himalayas carrying all that she needed - in spite of having had polio as a child and spending a year in orthopaedic hospital with major spinal surgery.

During the VietNam and Cambodian wars, she braved the communist blockade to fly  into Pnomh Penh while it was under seige, and later in VietNam  travelled up to Hue in the DMZ, just to see ‘what war did to people!’  

Prior to  travelling in Asia, she spent a lot of time in Switzerland skiing deep powder both in the trees and on open glaciers. 

The mystical student

Many of these travels have brought her into contact with the great philosophies and spiritual traditions of Asia and the Middle East, and she has been privileged to take teachings from Sufi Sheiks, Tibetan monks - including the Dalai Lama, -  Hindu mystics,  and many great healers, psychics and teachers of meditation.  

The trader

Running a market stall in the world-famous Portobello Antique market for seven years gave status as a renowned expert on old Asian textiles, particularly Kashmir and Paisley shawls, the forerunner of the fashionable Pashmina’s of today.

She later moved to Mayfair Antique Centre where she ran her business from a little corner which became a haven for people to come and talk and play with her Tibetan dog, Rug.   And led to a life crisis….

The survivor

In and before all of these excitements, her personal life and family background was being destroyed by the abuse of alcohol, the sudden death of her father, and long-term brain-damage of her brother’s head injury. Her irrepressible spirit was getting ready for a great leap….

which came when she went into psychological treatment for her own pattern of heavy drinking. This was to be an important turning-point in her life, and one which introduced her to the power of the inner journey and healing realities.

Meeting (re-connecting) with her ideal partner, falling deeply in love and then being cruelly parted by his sudden and totally unexpected death was the ultimate test for her new-found sobriety. But it was also the beginning of a new phase in her life where spiritual and mystical incidents were to take on a new and powerful importance.

The death of the man called John started a chain of coincidence, a relentless and sometimes confrontational sequence of mystical revelations and connections with Teresa of Avila.

The therapist

For the last fifteen years Tessa has worked as a psychoanalytical hypnotherapist, trained in gestalt and cognitive techniques of healing.

As well as many professional qualifications (Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and other related skills), Tessa guarantees confidentiality, conforming to the standards laid down by the British Association of Counselling. She has also worked in Military Intelligence necessitating the highest security clearance from both the UK and USA governments. 

Be sure to read the Testimonials Page before making an appointment to work with her!

Where necessary, and if appropriate, she will  use past life recall which can effect an immediate transformation. She has undoubtedly a talent for identifying the problem, and restoring love which is the ultimate healer and which she was privileged to experience in her relationship with John.     

The love and truth-bringer

Ultimately this has led her to the healing centre of the Casa of Dom Inacio in Brazil and the work of John of God. She loved the place immediately and felt at home. When this was indeed recognised as her spiritual home, (the lineage from Teresa is confirmed) she got a little house and rebuilt it - not speaking a word of the language, but learning on the job, so to speak, like she has done with so many other areas in her life.

The healing work of John of God has been examined in recent years by many scientists, doctors and special interest experts from all over the world.  

The Head of the Harvard University Medical School was brought in by a film unit to act as the scientific expert - and has said on film that ‘THERE SEEMS TO BE A CONNECTION BETWEEN THE HUMAN BEING’S ABILITY TO GIVE AND RECEIVE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND THE CAUSE AND CURING OF DISEASE.’

This is her Mission Statement now, to bring love and truth to those who seek and, having had an extraordinary number of revelations from her John since he died, to live the reality of a belief in eternal life.

As she says, all the evidence is now there: too many people have had ‘out-of-body’ experiences, and had their hearts started again. Too many of them come back with stories of going to the Light, meeting dead family and sometimes being told it’s not yet their time.   The proof for existence post death is more definitely certain than not. So it would be more intelligent to live AS IF we are eternal beings…   and to take a more creative viewpoint to things we find hard.