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"I met Tessa outside the blessing room of the Casa de Dom Inacio. She saw that I was crying (tears of joy! for I had just been told by the entity that I would be healed of metastatic breast cancer). She sat down with me and spontaneously extended loving support, asking me about the history of the illness, and about my life. In a short ten minutes, Tessa helped me identify what was happening in my life 3-4 years before the diagnosis, and together we identified some interpersonal/emotional events during that time that I believe were significant in the illness manifesting. Tessa also suggested some practices for releasing aspects of these relationships that have been VERY helpful. For the next several weeks, while we were both in Abadiania, I was always cheered to receive bits of wisdom and warm hugs from Tessa. She brings a bright warmth, generosity, humour and deep insight to her work and life and I highly recommend her as a therapist!"

A.T. - June 2010

"Tessa St. John has an expertise that is thoughtful and thought provoking. Her insights cut through the (really mean Bullshit!) the haze of confusion and give a clear path to alleviating suffering and problems. Gentle, but tough as nails, this therapist is a true 'friend' in need!" 

(maybe I should use another word but a true friend could even be some one on the street, who in a moment in time is there for you like a good Samaritan or a doctor lawyer or Indian chief for that matter!).

K. L. - Photographer 

" I met Tessa in Abadania, Brazil, at the healing centre of John of God. 
We conversed for a while, which naturally led on to her giving me some in depth insights into a personal matter.  The love which emanated from her during this conversation told me that she is a person who has touched the centre of her own pain and found the Christ Light within herself.
I would recommend Tessa to anyone who wishes help and guidance in their lives as you will find in her a truly empathic listener and healer."
A. D.

''Thank you for giving us a copy of your article on Emotions.  You write very clearly and make it so easy to understand things that are really quite difficult!  You have been a tower of strength - and the proof is in the pudding!''

Mrs C.H. - Norfolk

''My time with Tessa was invaluable to me.  She had a unique way of guiding me to the places within myself I least wanted to go.  Her gift is her empowerment, loving you enough to let you solve your own riddles and feel the pain of your own experiences.  I left her feeling like I'd really been loved and that feeling allowed me to transcend so many personal barriers.  I am eternally grateful to Teresa.''

J. W. - Ireland, 2003

''Thank you for the anger workshop - I am still feeling the benefits, and thank you for dealing with my time spent with you in such a sensitive, caring way.  I am glad that we made contact over a year ago now - you have facilitated my making great changes in my life and I feel growth and the changes as very significant and key to my future.

I have healed relationships with my family and I now have a much more fulfilling time with them.
I have faced old hurts and pain and have dealt with them so that I can move on.
I have been promised and got a pay rise!
I have had the confidence to buy an investment property and now have a wonderful garden.
I am in a healthy relationship which is loving and honest.
I have better relationships with my colleagues and friends.
I appreciate people more.
I stand up for my needs and views.

Oh what changes we have wrought together! Thank you for your intuitive, intelligent approach.  You are truly a loving person.  I wish you much love and success.''

Ms. C. - London

''Dear Tessa!

I will never forget what you did for me - I think of it as an 'instant miracle'!  I have never experienced anything like that before.  I find it has left me glowing inside with freedom and love.  It is like a switch which has been turned on and a bright light now shines in my whole mind.

I send you my greatest appreciation and love.''

Ms. K  - London

''Thank you for helping me take that leap of faith, that step in the dark that I have been preparing for, to 'realise' the real me.  Not just for that, but for knowing the uncertainty that I would feel, and teaching me to heal myself.

It is a CERTAIN genius that you have, and you GIVE it beautifully.

My deepest gratitude.

Dr. J.D. - London

''I want to thank you and acknowledge you for your patience listening and understanding my 'miseries', and for nurturing me over the phone with your advice and experience.

And I like very much your way which is kind and compassionate but also fun.
Be thanked!

Ms. C. - London

''I must admit talking to you of the things that matter in life meant a lot to me - spiritual and peaceful balance. 

You have inspired me a lot, perhaps given me new direction.''

Jai - London

''Just to say thank you for all your time and care that you have given me these past few weeks.  You have undoubtedly been a stepping-stone in my spiritual growth and I thank you for it.  I am still in awe of the miracle that put you there just when you were meant to be there!''

Ms. L - Germany

Workshop Feedback

''It has been brilliant to be able to learn something about my relationship with my father, and that I could set him free, move away from my dependancy on him.   This led on to my realisation that I had the freedom to walk forward on my own path and I didn't need permission to fulfil myself.  I am safe in the world.  Change is safe for me.''

''I like the way you backed up your esoteric references with practical application.  I was thrilled to be part of the workshop - it was well worked-out, well-planned and intelligent.  I liked the way you combined some theories and thoughts with experiential work, and I was surprised and puzzled by some of the things I heard myself saying. Why didn't you tell me it was so creative?''

''I am involved in progress for myself and the workshop rekindled lots of good feelings.  I am very glad I came.''

''You opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at my probles.  I never realised that I could have such a profound effect on the way I live my life.''

'' I learned that what I thought had an effect on how I felt.  It was an absolute revelation.''

''I really didn't want to come and at the last minute realised that it was my mind resisting... I am really pleased that I learned that I can over-ride my mind and have control over my thoughts.''

''You suggested that I approach someone in a different way - I have, and the whole relationship has changed!  Thank you.''